Howto: Install Krusader Two-Pane File Manager on Arch Linux

Howto: Install Krusader Two-Pane File Manager on Arch Linux

Krusader is an excellent two-pane (commander style) file manager available on many distributions. It is useful when managing a large number of files and will increase you productivity when doing many move, copy and delete operations.

In order to install Krusader on Arch Linux, you will need to run the following command.

$ pacman -S krusader

After installing Krusader, you can open it up, but you will notice that it is missing some icons. Note the red X's.


In order to fix this, close Krusader, and install the following icon package.

$ pacman -S breeze-icons

You will also want to install the default file editor used by Krusader called Kate. You can later change the default file editor in the preferences if you want to use a different editor.

$ pacman -S kate

Now you will have a fully functioning Krusader. Here is what it looks like when everything is installed correctly.


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