Links: Building a DIY Synthesizer

Links: Building a DIY Synthesizer

The following are great resources for building a synthesizer.

Thomas Henry: The designs of Thomas Henry are legendary in the synth world. Get started with his famous VCO-1 design.

Synth DIY Wiki: Extremely valuable resource of links and information.

Synth DIY Wiki
A wiki for learning and sharing knowledge about designing, making, modifying or repairing electronic musical instruments and related equipment.

Dintree: A wealth of DIY Eurorack information.

Yusynth: Yves Usson is another legend of the synth world and his projects page is quite impressive, particularly the Yusynth #000.

Eddy Bergman: Loads of useful information and schematics for building your own synthesizer.

Schematics and Layouts for building your own synthesizer and other electronics projects. Also reviews and tutorials.

MeeBlip: Designing and building a synthesizer with MeeBlip and Arduino.

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