Review: Puerto Sushi in Valparaíso, Chile

Review: Puerto Sushi in Valparaíso, Chile

Valparaíso, Chile Puerto Sushi is swanky, well-priced and mouth wateringly delicious. In fact, it's the first Sushi bar I've found in South America with fresh fish, a proper menu and a understanding of what the authentic sushi experience requires--delicacy, detail, wine, and, above all, quality ingredients. Too often sushi in this part of the world is bland, old, and delivered in a plastic box.

I started with my standard order of sashimi and later added a couple rolls. It's frustrating to be limited to only three types of fish (or less depending on what's available--call ahead to check) but this is the standard in South America (along with octopus and eel) and it was a relief to see they left trout off the menu. Of the fish they did offer, it was reasonably priced, fresh and cold, and very generously cut. The salmon and red tuna was very tasty with excellent texture while the shiromi was also good but a bit boring in flavor.

Regarding the rolls, the most surprising was the nor roll. This simple maki consisted of just salmon, avocado, and a sizable chunk of cream cheese, all three working together perfectly. The cheese gave a very nice savory balance and the avocado and fish were perfectly portioned and textured to give an incredible balance to the bite--definitely recommended. The vegetarian roll was as expected and average, but gains points for presentation.

The only real weak spot was the wine list--while it wasn't unforgivable, I prefer a sweet white with my fish, and they lacked any rieslings or pinot grigios. However, for only $10 to $12 a bottle and $3-$5 per food item it's hard to go wrong here, especially when you need an empanada and sopapillas escape. Combine this with it's limited seating, intimate atmosphere, and delicious food and it makes an excellent date spot as well. Overall Puerto Sushi was a welcome find in a region of the world that is generally without quality sushi.

Highly recommended, 4 stars.

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