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List: Top Free and Open Source Tools and Applications for Arch Linux

There is a large amount of quality free and open source software (FOSS) available in the Arch and AUR package repositories. Here is a selection of my favorites. Leave a »

Howto: Install balenaEtcher on Arch Linux for Flashing OS Images to USB Drives

A very common task in the Linux world is flashing USB drives with an OS image, required for installation or repair, or a self-contained toolkit useful for system maintenance or »

Howto: Install Krusader Two-Pane File Manager on Arch Linux

Krusader is an excellent two-pane (commander style) file manager available on many distributions. It is useful when managing a large number of files and will increase you productivity when doing »

Howto: Swap Caps Lock and Escape Keys on Arch Linux

You can swap the caps lock and escape keys in Arch Linux with the following command. setxkbmap -option caps:escape After executing that command, you will then use the escape »

Howto: Fix h.264 Videos Not Playing on Arch Linux

Are you receiving an error that you are missing a codec when trying to play h.264 videos on Arch Linux? This means you are missing the required package with »